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Are there other organisations offering remembrance photography?

Yes, but as far as we are aware, the RMB organisation is the only UK organisation with the goal of covering every NHS Hospital/Birth Centre in the country.

Can photographers representing RMB promote their business?

No. promoting your own photography business is against the RMB Volunteer Service Agreement and Code of Conduct. RMB volunteer photographers may include information about the RMB organisation on their websites or Facebook pages, but must not use the misfortune of a family’s loss to gain interest in their own commercial business.

I know of a company who may be willing to sponsor RMB. What information can I give to them?

We are very grateful to our members who may be aware of potential sponsors to our cause. If any member knows of anyone who may be interested in sponsoring the RMB organisation we ask that you either direct them to the sponsorship page on the website where they will find more information, or they can request further information themselves by emailing

Will I be expected to do my first session on my own?

Not necessarily. It may be possible to shadow an experienced RMB volunteer photographer depending on your location. Telephone support is always available in advance of a session, and afterwards if helpful.

​Will there be any guidelines for photographing babies and their families?

Yes. Comprehensive RMB guidelines will explain what is required, but sessions will vary. RMB volunteer photographers will need to be competent in using natural and artificial lighting. The use of artificial lighting is often essential due to the location of Bereavement Suites in hospitals, and in some cases, the absence of windows.

With regards to images, all RMB volunteer photographers will be expected to photograph appropriately for the situation, and provide images in black and white only.

Will photographers be linked to a specific NHS Hospital/Birth Centre?

Yes. Each RMB volunteer photographer will be linked with one or more NHS Hospitals/Birth Centres depending on what facilities exist in their local area. Also, there may be more than one RMB volunteer photographer linked to any given NHS Hospital/Birth Centre.

What documentation would be required for a session to be carried out?

Upon successful application to join RMB, you will be given access to all RMB documentation such as consent forms, etc. RMB parent consent forms must be completed by the parents and the RMB volunteer photographer prior to the RMB session taking place.

How will sessions be allocated? Will an Admin Team member co-ordinate this?

No, once a link is forged between a RMB volunteer photographer and an NHS Hospital/Birth Centre, a hospital/birth centre staff member will contact the RMB volunteer photographer(s) directly. Where present, an Area Coordinator will take calls and pass to photographers in their area, ensuring even spread of work.

Are photographers expected to contact hospitals themselves?

Yes, but the RMB NHS Liaison Officer will be on hand to help and support you in doing this if you require any further guidance or assistance over and above the information provided in the guidelines issued to RMBmembers.

What training is offered?

The RMB organisation is currently developing *training to be delivered via workshops to be held around the UK. These RMB workshops will be specific to the nature of the task of Baby Remembrance Photography and will also include editing guidelines.

What do I get for my membership fee?

All RMB members will have access to comprehensive support and guidance including but not limited to *training, documentation and publicity materials as well as a closed Facebook support group. (*Members attending training workshops may be expected to pay a nominal fee to attend such to help cover the cost of venues, etc.)

Do I have to pay to be assessed and is there a membership fee?

There is currently no assessment fee, but there is an annual membership fee of £15.00 which will have Gift-aid attached to it, increasing the financial benefit to RMB. This income is needed to help pay for overheads such as domain names, insurance and other essential expenses required to run the charity.

What will happen to those who remain with other RPOs in terms of overlap of areas covered?

All NHS Hospitals/Birth Centres and families have the right to use whichever RPO’s services they wish. Therefore, you may find that more than one RPO may be offering their services at the same hospital. There is no reason why more than one RPO cannot offer their services at the same NHS Hospital/Birth Centre.

It is vital that all volunteer photographers, no matter which RPO they belong to, MUST inform the parents and health care establishment of which organisation they are going to be representing at the time of being contacted. They must also abide by that RPO’s policies and procedures to the letter during any additional contact with the parents and health care establishment in relation to the remembrance photography session in hand.

I’m a member of another remembrance photography organisation (RPO) – can I apply to join RMB?

Yes of course. We welcome any professional photographer to apply to become a volunteer member of RMB, even if they are currently or have previously been a member of another RPO. You will still be required to undergo RMB’s application assessment and if successful, you can then complete the membership process and pay the membership fee to become a RMB volunteer photographer.

As an organisation delivering a service to the general public, we must be seen to be protecting service users (parents and their families) to the best of our ability. Therefore, if you are accepted to RMB, you are bound to abide by all relevant policies and procedures relating to the RMB organisation i.e. confidentiality, recording keeping, the Volunteer Service Agreement, Code of Conduct, etc. so as not to risk a possible conflict of interest or put our service users (parents and their families) at risk of harm.

If you volunteer for more than one RPO you must make it clear to the service users (parents and their families) and health care professionals which RPO you are representing. Furthermore, all the relevant documentation (namely the parent consent form) for that organisation must be correctly completed for that remembrance photography session.

We respect and appreciate that some individuals may already be current members of other RPOs. Therefore, if you are currently a member of another RPO, you may want to make them aware that you have applied to join RMB. Please contact your other RPO’s HQ for further guidance on this matter.

Do I need to have my own business insurance to be a RMB volunteer Photographer?

With regards to insurance, RMB has the following disclaimer:

“We strongly recommend professional photographers have their own insurance cover for their own protection and peace of mind. However, if this is not in place, you may still volunteer for RMB on the clear understanding that RMB’s Public Liability Insurance covers Volunteers only whilst carrying out their role as a RMB Volunteer. Damage to and theft of a Volunteer’s equipment is NOT covered and remain’s the responsibility of each Volunteer.”

I’m a photographer and I want to apply to join RMB, how do I do this?

Applications are invited from professional photographers to join RMB. Applicants will be assessed to ensure a high level of skill and creativity, in particular with natural and artificial lighting before being accepted for membership to the RMB organisation. Any person (spouse, partner, employee, etc.,) wishing to assist a volunteer photographer must apply to become a Volunteer Photographer’s Assistant before being allowed to accompany a volunteer photographer on RMB sessions due to reasons of confidentiality.

I’m a Bereavement Specialist and I want to introduce the RMB organisation into my hospital, how do I do this?

We are inviting Bereavement Midwives and other Bereavement Specialists to send us their contact information so that it can be added to the RMB database. As we recruit more photographers we will be able to link NHS Hospital/Birth Centres and RMB volunteer photographers together.

Does RMB charge families for this service?

No, this service is completely free of charge. Parents are given their free gift of baby remembrance portraiture images on disc or USB memory stick. The parents are then able to print the images themselves at any reputable photo lab.

What is Remember My Baby?

Remember My Baby (RMB) is a new UK based organisation which offers a gift of baby remembrance photography to all UK parents experiencing the loss of their baby before, during or shortly after birth.